They need no battery to work, and that makes it possible for people to wear them without worrying about getting stuck with a watch that doesn’t work properly. However, many of us don’t really know how do automatic watches work.

They are certainly different from the watches that use batteries. That has to do with their ability to take your kinetic energy from your hands’ movements and transform it into dynamic to move the watch indicators.

Automatic Watches Have a Rotor Mechanism

Unlike the battery watches, the Quarz system that moves the clock is dependent on your moves. That’s why leaving an automatic watch in your drawer without moving it for several days may certainly lead to stopping functioning.

Automatic watches always have a rotor mechanism made from a very sensitive spring and a rotor that takes advantage of all the energy you need to move the clock.

It only needs a couple of movements from your hands for the rotor mechanism to store enough kinetic energy and transform it into dynamic. Springs have the ability to enclose and keep the dynamic energy that is needed to move the clock around.

The clock hands showing the minutes, the hours, and the seconds need some kinetic energy to function. That is the energy provided from the spring and gives you the chance to be independent of other battery power sources.

Automatic Watches Have Manual Wounding Mechanisms

Automatic Watches Have Manual Wounding MechanismsApart from the hands’ movement, you need to wound your automatic watch manually occasionally. That is the story for people who wonder how do automatic watches work fully understand their mechanism of action.

The wounding mechanism is directly connected to another spring that keeps dynamic energy inside. The added action of your hands’ movement and the wounding mechanism can give the clock enough energy to work for several days and up to a calendar week.

Some Automatic Watches Have Solar Panels

Some automatic watch models have replaced the electric energy from batteries. These watches usually have solar panels technology. The only thing you have to do when wearing these watches would be to have a short trip under the sun every single day.

That should give the panels enough energy to work at night or when you are in a dark place and stay there for an extended period.


Knowing how the automatic watches work gives you lots of advantages like:

  • Make you more independent: You know exactly what you need to do to keep your watch alive. Simply by moving your hands, you can have the right energy to be sufficient for your day.
  • Liberate you from the battery replacement need: There is no reason to worry about replacing the battery for your watch anymore. You can move around and have your watch operating for many days.
  • Gives you a fancy look: People who know how their automatic watch works look a lot fancier than others who are ignorant.