One of the challenges of getting the best wristwatch is size. Watches with leather straps can be very difficult to adjust when they are oversized. Having a watch with a chain strap might seem so easy to adjust, but it could be somewhat tricky at times. Regardless of how difficult you see it, removing some links will help perfect the band size around your wrist.

Thinking of how to smoothly remove the links without affecting the watch is another disturbing issue, but not to worry, in this article, we shall walk you through how to swiftly remove links from a watch.

Step by Step on How to Remove Links From A Watch

Step 1:

Decide the Number of Links to Remove

This is the very first important thing to do. Knowing the number of links required to remove will prevent the watch from sitting lopsided on your wrist. Use these few methods to get over it:

  • Position the watch on your wrist on the exact spot you would like to wear it always.
  • Notice the slack space and count the amount of excess link(s).

Having done these two, then remove the excess from both sides if both sides are slack. However, if it only affects one side, then remove it from that side only.

Step 2:

Get Your Tools and Flat Workspace Set

Get Your Tools and Flat Workspace SetSince you are removing tiny pins from the links, which can easily roll away, it is important you have a flat workspace and do away with distractions. Place a rod on the edge of the workspace and prevent scratching the metal watch on the bench.

Use the right tool for the right job, as removing excess links from the watch requires a specially designed tool for swift tasks.

A Watch-bracelet holder, push-pin tool, and small ball-peen hammer are the perfect tools to get it done.

Step 3:

Remove the Link

With the first step, you’ve known the number of links to remove and the spot to remove each. This is the removing process, and it can be best explained as follows:

  • Check behind the bracelet for some small arrows that show the space for the cotter pins.
  • Place the watch on the flat workspace with the arrows downwards.
  • Use the hammer to slightly hit the bottom of the push-pin tool toward the cotter pins until it can’t go any further into the link.
  • Slowly and patiently remove the pin with a small plier or finger when it pops through.

Step 4:

Reattach the Leftover Links

After you’ve successfully removed the excess link(s), it is necessary to rejoin the bracelet. Place the bracelet with the arrows facing up in the bracelet holder. Slowly drive the pin in the opposite direction to how it was removed. Ensure proper tightening of the links to prevent the pins from losing out.

Proper implementation of these four exceptional steps will save you stress and cost. Removing watch links could be somehow tricky, but it requires a lot of patience and total prevention from distraction as this will ensure that you do not lose any pin or ferrules.