The era of sophistication has made almost everything easy for all and sundry. As there are fashionable wristwatches that are only suitable for formal occasions, so there are smartwatches. Smartwatches are the advanced way to use and control most of your mobile phone features and functions right on your wrist. There are Apple iWatch and smartwatch.

Primarily, smartwatches are designed for Android devices, while iWatches are designed for iPhones of different series. The smartwatch is also available in different series.

Connecting and using a smartwatch for casual users won’t be a difficult task, but a first-timer needs to get a heads-up on how to use a smartwatch ranging from connecting it with your phone to maneuvering it. Below are the steps required to utilize a smartwatch with your smartphone.

Step I:

Download Android Wear App and Power on Your Smartwatch

Swift connection requires downloading the Android Wear application to your smartphone from the google play store.

  • Visit the google play store and search for the app.
  • After successful download and installation, power on your smartwatch.
  • There are some brands of smartwatches that do not come with a power button. In this case, plug it into its charger and wait while it turns on automatically.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Step II:

Upon completing the first step, the watch will display a prompt to walk you through setting up the Android Wear application.

Step III:

Pair the Smartwatch with your Smartphone

Pair the Smartwatch with your SmartphoneNavigate through your Android phone to the selection screen, where you will get the available Bluetooth devices.

Keep an eye on the LCD of your watch and tap the Bluetooth device that has the same code as shown on the watch. Confirm the connection between the watch and your smartphone.

Step IV:

Enable Notification

After proper connection, it is necessary to enable notification on your mobile phone. This will enable the smartwatch to display every notification coming to your phone, and you can easily control it.

Step V:

Enable Google Now on Your Smartphone

This is another essential step that will ensure the watch displays accurate notifications. Enable Google Now on your phone.

If enabling it seems difficult, you can easily log into google with your Google account or select from already signed in personal accounts on your phone. Once enabled, it will work perfectly on your smartwatch.

Step VI:

Toggle the Android Wear Application

How to use a smartwatch can be so tricky, and these short and precisely explained steps should serve as a perfect guide.

However, if you still find it hard to do, toggle the Android Wear application as it will offer you tutorials on each step to take and walk you through the basic things you can do on your smartwatch.

Apparently, a smartwatch is just an extension of your smartphone. Therefore, it is compulsory to have the required application on your smartphone and patiently observe the app’s features for the best understanding and operating of the watch.

Remember, smartwatches are not compatible with iOS. It is strictly designed for Android smartphones. Implement the steps as analyzed above and enjoy the sweet experience.